We are happy to announce that we are moving forward with the implementation of the Lidiar sensors (these sensors allow the device to detect flights of stairs going down and obstacles at the floor level).

We appreciate you walking with us throughout this journey and want to thank you for all your feedback as it has been extremely useful.

Please read our next steps carefully since we will need your help for this to be a success. We are working on a 3 step OTA (Over The Air) update process.

  1. Firmware stabilization update
  2. WPS update
  3. Lidiar Launch

The first step is to update your Ara device. You can do that as of today. The update is already available.

This update is known as Firmware Stabilization and will help us update our current features and fix any existing bugs. For example, the on/off bug that some users experienced will be fixed. We have also increased the head and chest detection range, so your Ara will notify you in a wider range, helping you navigate in a safer way. This will also help us gather the information Ara has been collecting so we can have more robust data for upcoming updates. Which will be launching on November 8, 2022.

The steps on how to perform an update are located on our web page, in the user guide under Ara Care in the next link https://strap.tech/en/users-guide/updates

Please remember to have your Ara connect to Wifi and access WPS. Also, Ara needs to be charging while the update takes place.

We rely on you, as an active member of our community, to update your Ara device. The update will help us prepare for the next step.T

he second step is the improved WPS connection. We were able to improve on this after getting your feedback.

You will have a much better experience when connecting to your router.  We heard you! and we are launching a web app where you will be able to update Ara in a more streamlined way. This will be the last time you will ever need to use the physical WPS button on your router. This update will be ready as soon as 80% of our users have updated their Ara device as mentioned above.

The 3rd step, drum roll please! Is the activation of the lidiar sensors which will help us with the detection of low obstacles like flights of stairs going down, and objects closest to the floor. We hope you are as excited about these coming steps as we are. For this third update we will need your help once again. As soon as 80% of our users have updated Ara, we will be able to set a date for releasing this step.

We cannot wait to have you try this incredible feature! Remember, to download and install an update, you will need to push down on the WPS button on your router.

Then press together the volume up rocker and the menu button for 5 seconds. This will allow Ara to connect to your network and look for the update and install it. We thank you for your patience, and remember that our support team is always ready to help you with any doubts you might have. As for the dates for steps 2 and 3, we first need to successfully do step 1.

As soon as the dates are set we will make an announcement so we can continue on this exciting journey.

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