Design and Accessibility: A Semi-dark experience at South by Southwest 2024, Austin Texas, March 8 to 10Design and Accessibility: A Semi-dark experience at South by Southwest 2024, Austin Texas, March 8 to 10

"Design + Accessibility: A Semi-Dark Experience," hosted by Brands&People, a TBWA Global Network member, in collaboration with Strap Tech, the 2022 SXSW Innovation Awards winner for Best in Show and Wearable Tech, offers an immersive session. Renowned design experts Gerardo Ortiz and Diego Roel discuss their co-creation journey, rebranding, and redesign of Strap Tech and their flagship product, ARA. This thought-provoking session explores the transformative power of design, fostering empathy in semi-darkness. Join this inclusive infusion of assistance through design and tech, delving into the unseen with creativity.


What to

An event focused on exploring the intersection of design, technology, and accessibility, particularly emphasizing the importance of inclusivity in design processes. The session appears to aim at providing attendees with an immersive, sensory experience that challenges conventional perceptions and highlights the crucial role of empathy in designing accessible products and technologies.

About Our Panelists

DIego Roel's portrait

Diego Roel

Strap Technologies Inc.

Diego Roel, a 21-year-old high-impact entrepreneur, is driven by a passion to reshape the world through technology. At just 10 years old, he became a robotics professor after falling in love with robots at 7. Empathizing with a person with a motor disability, Diego vowed to empower them, leading to the creation of Ara, a device aiding the blind and visually impaired. His groundbreaking work has garnered global recognition, including prestigious awards and being featured in Fast Company. As CEO of Strap Technologies, Diego pioneers assistive technology while mentoring aspiring entrepreneurs at Collective Academy. In 2021, Strap Tech won the Wearable Tech category and Best in Show among 60+ categories, proudly being the only Mexican project in the competition.

Gerardo Ortiz Portrait

Gerardo Ortiz


Gerardo Ortiz is a Mexican designer, entrepreneur, and co-founder of Brands&People, School of Change, and -1 Simplicity Lab. With a Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design from the University of Monterrey, he gained international experience through internships in Vancouver and Lyon. Co-founding a local studio at 22, he transformed it into a progressive communication agency, affiliated with the global TBWA network. Gerardo explores the convergence of empathy, simplicity, and beauty.

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