Edgar portrait

Edgar del Río

26 years

“ It is interesting because the device allows for more freedom of movement and you can do your things faster than when using other guiding tools. I remember feeling the vibrations and feeling what you explained each thing was and that's why I managed to move around faster.”.

Victor portrait


37 years

“When I wore Ara, it was an indescribable feeling! It was surprising to feel much more autonomy with better ability to move”

Ana portrait

Ana Isabel Maya

41 years

“It is excelllent. Us being able to tell where danger might be is something amazing. This device is really inviting to lead our daily lives in a safer, easier and funner way. I am delighted.  I would define Ara as safe living. “

Perla portrait

Perla Mora

25 years

“I found it very interesting and accessible that it was through vibrations, I am deaf blind and anything that hinders my hearing becomes even more difficult. I was very surprised that the remote device detects obstacles to know how to react. It's very innovative, it's the first time I've experienced something like this”

Joel portrait

Joel Topete

49 years

“I think the device helps us a 100% because we can no longer remain stagnant and we need to aspire to more. Technology like the one found in cell phones and in this device will help us to become even more independent and autonomous.”

Ezequiel portrait

Ezequiel Cruz

36 years

“I think that more autonomy and independence in terms of mobility. Because without the cane, this device starts becoming your eyes. The truth is that the device is great. It is super intuitive and I think the vibrators are strategically located so you cannot possibly get confused. ”

Angie portrait

Angie Ibarra

36 years

“It is really awesome. Because one always has the expectation of trying something new. I would recommend it. It's certainly a device that gives you independence.”

Francisco portrait

Francisco Pérez

40 years

“It is very intuitive. It is really easy to understand how it works in the time I have been using it.”

Marcela portrait

Marcela Vazquez

38 years

“I felt free for the first time, I felt I could regain some of the independence that I had before losing my sight. It is like having new eyes. Strap shone a light on the way.”

Ena portrait

Ana Aguilar

55 years

“It was a different experience. One that opens up new possibilities. It gives back things like mobility and even feeling and being safer.”

Karen portrait

Karen Cuevas

13 years

“I am happy and excited to be able to try this new experience. I didn't know what to expect and I was carried away. It is very innovative and it will help me to depend less on the cane.”

Daniel portrait

Daniel Apolinar

31 years

“This device gives me new hope. The device oriented me in a better way to avoid obstacles. My upper body was more protected because Strap alerted me to obstacles at head level.”