Real optimizaton in assistive technology for the blind and the visually impaired.

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How Ara works in 3 simple steps.

Step 1
Scanning the world around you.

Ara's ultrasonic and lidar sensors continuously scan your surroundings, mapping out your environment.

Step 2
Instantly recognizing obstacles.

Ara's powerful AI processes information in real time. It determines nearby obstacles and categorizes them by height level: top, mid, and low.  Ara will only alert you about obstacles relevant to your movement.

Step 3
Translating findings into vibration patterns.

Ara communicates its findings to you through your sense of touch. Instead of overwhelming you with raw data, Ara translates its insights into intuitive vibration patterns, making it easy for you to grasp and react.

How can Ara help?
A Breakdown of Ara’s Features

Walk safely: anytime, everywhere.

Stay collision-free with Ara's instant obstacle detection.

Using advanced sensors, Ara scans the environment in real-time, identifying potential obstacles in the user's path.

Ara provides accurate and timely alerts through haptic vibration patterns, ensuring you can navigate your surroundings with confidence.

Feel your way through.

Ara breaks down language barriers by using the sense of touch.

The vibration patterns vary based on the location of detected obstacles, whether they're at the top, mid, or low level.

This intuitive "haptic language" eliminates the need for users to learn new cues or signals. It's designed to be universally understood, breaking down language barriers.

Customize your experience

Whether with the white cane or a companion, Ara works to meet your needs.

Enhance your trusted navigation methods with Ara's 'White Cane Mode.'

It complements your cane or guide dog by muting low-level alerts while keeping you informed of higher obstacles.

Forget the On/Off switch.

users enjoying a domino and having fun

Ara adapts to your interactions.

Experience smart efficiency with Ara's adaptive power mode. It conserves energy when you're still and activates instantly with movement, keeping pace with your life.

For continuous readiness, simply disable this feature. Ara is tailored to fit your preferences, ensuring it's always on when you need it.

Special Price: From 2,100 to 1,700 USD

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Ensuring safety at every step.

Top, mid, and low level obstacle detection.

Each level provides a different vibration pattern, instantly alerting you to the position of the obstacle.
Each interaction helps Ara refine its algorithms through over-the-air updates, ensuring it becomes even more attuned to your needs over time

The Anatomy of Ara

Ara’s sensor suite provides comprehensive coverage of your surroundings. Its strategic sensor placement ensures mobility, reliability, and stability, offering consistent and reliable feedback across all obstacle heights.

Each of the adjustable straps is equipped with its own haptic actuator for a fully immersive feedback system.

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Harnessing the best of both worlds

Light's precision and
sound's expansiveness

By merging the precision of light-based sensors with the expansive field of view from ultrasound, Ara offers unparalleled navigation insights without the use of cameras. This commitment to privacy ensures you can confidently use Ara in any setting, from security-sensitive areas like airports to the comfort of your home. Dive into a world where technology meets discretion, empowering you to move with unmatched assurance

User enjoying dinner with friends and family.

The sensor suite provides comprehensive coverage

An upward-pointing ultrasonic sensor dedicated to top-level overhead detection.

Side-mounted ultrasonic sensors on each side and a forward-facing combination of lidar and ultrasonic sensors for mid-level obstacle detection.

Dual lidar sensors angled downwards complemented by an ultrasonic sensor for low-level obstacle detection.

Learn the basics in 10 minutes, master Ara in under a week.

Feel Ara

Familiarize yourself with Ara’s features and feedback.

Navigate with Guidance

Walk around known indoor spaces with guidance.

Explore Independently

Maximize Ara’s capabilities by testing its performance on different environments.
We guide you through every step. Explore our Ara Onboarding program and embark on your journey with confidence.
Ara Onboarding

Tech Specs.

Dimensions and weight

dimensions: 3.5 inches tall, 4.3 inches wide and 2.7 inches deepweight 354 grams, 0.8 pounds

Battery and Power

Battery: Yes/Internal
Charging Time: 4 hours
Battery Duration: Up to one day of walking time (up to 2 hrs)
Battery Type: Lithium Based


Wi-fi Connection: Yes


Charging Port: USB Type-C
Audio: 3.5mm Headphone jack


Light Time of Flight sensor (3)
Ultrasonic sensor(5)
Accelerometer (1)
Gyroscope (1)

Haptic Actuators

Main Device: 6 Actuators
Straps: 4 Actuators


Device  Case Materials: ABS plastic
Strap Materials: Polyester


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2 years

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Special Price: From 2,100 to 1,700 USD

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