Ara's general view, showing both straps and main unit, Ara has adjustable elastic straps that secure the main unit on your chest, Ara's color is black.
Perspective view of Ara from the bottom, showing Ara's ultrasonic and lidar sensors, and the charging usb-c port.
Right side view of Ara showing the headphone jack and volume rocker.
Left side view of Ara showing the control/menu button used to access different features
Bottom view of Ara showing the usb-c charging port.
User putting Ara on, passing his right arm between the loop of the top right strap and the side right strap, his other arm is grabbing the top left strap to his head through the loop between both top straps.
User closing plastic buckle of Ara located on his left side of the body.
Close up of the proper way to wear Ara, straight straps flat with the users chest and ribs, the haptic foam flat with the chest.
User wearing Ara in his chest, the straps go around his arms and neck just like a vest, the device can be found right at the sternum of the user.