Smart mobility aid for the blind and visually impaired

Ara is a smart device developed for the blind and visually impaired to move faster and safer in their everyday life

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The most awarded mobility
aid for the blind

We take care of your safety, you take care of living.

Full body protection

Reduce hits by up to 80%, Ara scans your surroundings in real time, identifying potential obstacles in your path.

Universal, instant, intuitive feedback

Move Confidently and decrease the risk of injury by 30% with Ara’s instant haptic feedback.

We adapt to you, not the other way around

Build your pace, improve your walking speed by using Ara as a stand alone device or with your preferred mobility aid, like the white cane or guide dog.

Simple and Reliable

Go Further, increase your walking distance without worrying about battery life, with a full day of use.

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Life after Ara

With over 14,000 hours of use, these are the improvements our users have experienced in their everyday life.

Walk Safely.

Up to80%Reduction on mid
and upper body impacts

Move Confidently.

Up to30%
Decrease in
risk of injury

Build your pace.

Up to19%
Improvement on
walking speed

Go Further.

Up to11%
Increase on
walking distance

Real Stories, Real Impact

“I feel more autonomy and independence in terms of mobility. Because without the cane, this device starts becoming your eyes."

Ezequiel, 36.

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The most awarded mobility
aid for the blind

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