10 gift ideas for visually impaired people

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Christmas is one of the most beautiful times of the year; during this season, many people worldwide begin to be filled with a festive and cheerful spirit.

This holiday is celebrated differently; each family or person adds a special touch, but union and love are recurring topics.

Some holiday traditions include decorating the house with Christmas motifs, meeting with family and loved ones around the table, enjoying a special dinner, and giving gifts as gratitude.

And speaking of gifts, often we do not know what to gift to others, either because we do not know what they like or because we have a limited budget. We may even be concerned that the person has some physical or mental health condition that prevents them from receiving some kind of gift.

I would like to focus on the best gift ideas for people with visual disabilities because some might think it is difficult to gift something to those living with this condition. Let me assure you that it is not that hard. People with visual impairments may have different needs in certain aspects, but these do not limit their taste and preferences and much less make them require specific things when it comes to gifts.

Therefore here is a list of 10 gifts that visually impaired people will love even if you do not know much about their tastes.

1. Gift cards.

Yes, this may seem like an impersonal gift, but it is also the simplest one that certainly gets the job done. Nowadays, many stores offer these gift cards as a quick and convenient solution for all those who do not have time to choose gifts or simply cannot decide on something.

With these, people can buy something entirely to their liking and cash the card any time they want because they remain valid for a long time. Gift cards also allow you to choose an amount according to your possibilities.

Some options are gift cards for transportation such as Uber, downloads of books or music, clothing and accessories, food, shows, etc.

2. Redeemable certificates for a specific gift.

Here you can gift spa days, makeovers, online courses, workshops, or even therapies.

If you are going with the latter, you must consider that not all people are the same and that some may not like very personalized gifts. To avoid this, leave open the possibility for them to choose the type of massage, course, or therapy. You can complement the gift by giving him a list of options they can choose from and make them feel more comfortable.

3. Technological gadgets.

Most people like technology, and a gadget is an excellent gift for someone with a visual impairment. Nowadays, thanks to technology, people can connect instantly, and anything that makes our lives easier is always a welcome addition. First, however, I should clarify that spending a lot of money on gadgets is unnecessary since you can find different options that meet your budget.

You can opt for the cheapest options, such as a mobile application, a monthly subscription to software, a basic smartwatch with the most popular functions, and, obviously, more expensive things such as computers, tablets, speakers, cell phones, or Smart TVs.

Keep in mind that if the person is not skilled at using technology, this gift could be a great inconvenience, and they might end up selling it or giving it away.

4. Talking objects.

Sound is of utmost importance for someone who cannot see, and nowadays, we have many possibilities to make life easier for a visually impaired person through technology.

In some countries, you will find talking measuring cups, kitchen thermometers, scales, speakers, clocks, glucose measuring devices, etc.

Any object could be helpful if you know how to choose it; think if the person likes to cook, use technology, care for their health, do outdoor activities, etc.

5. Board games or books adapted in Braille.

These gifts are excellent for someone who knows the Braille system because fun does not have to be limiting for those who cannot see. Today we find many alternatives in card games, dominoes, LEGO, puzzles, etc., and as for books, some still like to read actual books and feel the paper and smell its pages.

These activities also serve as a stimulus for those children starting their reading training process, so they are an excellent option for both children and adults.

6. Devices that help with mobility.

These also help visually impaired people be independent and boost their confidence. Today we can find excellent assistive devices besides the traditional white cane in the market.

A great example of the above is our ARA device, which recognizes obstacles on the floor, to the sides, in front, and above the shoulders of the user. It's easy to handle, it's lightweight, it's intuitive, and it's built with the best artificial intelligence technology.

7. Annual enrollment in health insurance.

It might seem like a strange gift, but you will be surprised to know that many visually impaired people worldwide do not have health insurance. This is usually because of the costs considering that many do not have access to a job to pay for insurance.

By this, I do not mean that you also have to spend a lot; there are affordable medical insurances that could cover basic things such as a medical consultation or a check-up, which is of great help to anyone. So if you think you can afford it, do not hesitate to get it.

8. Subscriptions. Whether streaming services, gyms, or platforms.

Entertainment is essential for everyone.

We all like to spend our free time listening to a podcast, watching a show or movie, practicing a sport, or learning something new.

Although this can be a bit more personalized, you will always have the option of asking someone close to what the person's tastes are so that you can play it safe.

9. Tickets for an event.

I insist that having a visual disability does not mean that we do not like to have fun; therefore, if people want to visit museums, zoos, camps, concerts, fairs, or exhibitions, giving them tickets will make them very happy.

10. Clothing, accessories, and objects for personal care.

I wanted to leave this option until the end because it could be the most complicated, but with a little effort, you can make this work. Visual impairment does not mean we do not like to care for ourselves, look good, or be fashionable.

You simply have to pay a little attention to the things the person uses daily; regardless of gender, you could gift wireless headphones, portable keyboards, or cell phone holders.

If she is a woman, she may like certain kinds of perfumes, body lotions, soaps, or bath salts; she might even be a fan of bags or sunglasses.

If he is a man, he may like wallets, ties, caps or hats, sneakers or jackets.

With some input from someone close, you will get a better picture of what to buy.

These are just some options to help you give a nice present this Christmas. Remember, you will always be able to ask the person directly about what they like the most, what they need, or what they wish they would get.

Maybe they will tell you they only want cookies, chocolates, a nice bottle of wine, a painting, a portrait frame, or even a pet.

Remember that gifts are a beautiful way to show appreciation and should not cause stress, so if this is happening, it is best to make things easier and ask people what they want.

And finally, if you are on a tight budget, a card or a letter where you tell them what they mean to you will always be welcomed because the most precious thing we can give to others is our feelings.

So I hope I have helped you a little with your holiday shopping and wish you a Merry Christmas surrounded by your loved ones.

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