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Before you get AraWhen you get Ara

Before you get Ara

Ara’s Wifi connection

We also recommend the following routers:At the moment Ara WIFI connection is only available through a router with WPS access, we are developing a friendlier option that does not require this physical feature on your router/modem, this tool will be available before the first update.If you decide to set your device once you get and do not have a router with this feature (WPS button), we recommend asking your ISP (Internet Service Provider) for recommendations on what router to purchase or if they have available options.


For charging Ara we include a USB C to USB A charging cable inside the but not a charging brick. We strongly recommend buying an Anker 24W charger with USB A port or any other 24W charger with a USB A port at your own risk.

Once you get your device, charge it for at least 4 hours if you are using a 24 watt charger or above before turning it on. If you are using a lower power charger, charging time will be longer. Make sure Ara has 100 percent battery by pressing the power button once and hearing 4 beeps.

What’s inside the box

Heads up, inside Ara’s box will include the following: Ara device, USB-C to USB-A charging cable, earphones with a 3.5mm jack, Armband and a printed user’s guide.

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